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Объявление № 50950158577 : Чиллер CW5000

Чиллер CW5000


SKYPE: teyuchiller


The chiller S & A CW5000AG is used to cool a CO 2 laser tube up to 100W. For this, he uses water, the temperature of which he maintains due to its cooling with freon. Chiller has a built-in coolant tank with a size of 6 liters. Cooling capacity is 0.682 kW. For effective operation of the laser emitter, in the temperature range recommended by the manufacturer, it is important to ensure a high-quality heat sink. 

Chiller S & A CW5000AG provides high-quality and reliable maintenance of the temperature of laser tubes with power up to 100 W, while the device can maintain the specified parameters depending on the ambient temperature. 

FEATURES8 00 W cooling power;0.3 ° C temperature accuracy;The intelligent controller of management having 2 control modes with various settings and indication;Signaling functions: a compressor protection delay time, the compressor from overloads dressing  current protection, signaling flow, high and low temperature;Long service life and easy maintenance;Reduced requirements for water and its quality.

Чиллер CW5000
Чиллер CW5000
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•  Имя:Пупкин
•  Город:Москва
•  Дата размещения:04/07/2019 12:48
•  Цена:400 Долларов
•  Тип объявления:Предложение
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