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Объявление № 50950248157 : Чиллер CW5200

Чиллер CW5200



SKYPE: teyuchiller

Chiller S & A CW-5200AH is used to cool a CO 2 laser tube up to 130 watts. For this, he uses water, the temperature of which he maintains due to its cooling with freon. Chiller has a built-in coolant tank with a size of 6 liters. Cooling capacity with stavlyaet  1.49 kW.


Chiller  S & A CW-5200AH provides qualitative and reliable maintenance of laser tubes temperature power up to 130 W .


FEATURES1400 W cooling capacity;0.3 ° C temperature accuracy;The intelligent controller of management having 2 control modes with various settings and indication;Signaling functions: a compressor protection delay time, the compressor from overloads dressing  current protection, signaling flow, high and low temperature;Long service life and easy maintenance;Reduced requirements for water and its quality.

Чиллер CW5200
Чиллер CW5200
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•  Имя:Пупкин
•  Город:Екатеринбург
•  Дата размещения:04/07/2019 12:51
•  Цена:500 Долларов
•  Тип объявления:Предложение
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